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How to Share Location on WhatsApp
How to Share Location on WhatsApp

How to Share Location on WhatsApp

How to Share Location on WhatsApp

With over 600 million monthly active users globally, most people you know are probably on WhatsApp. Everyone knows about the ability to send messages, and share media, but there are some interesting features that you might not know about. Sharing your location is one of them – you can send a map view of your current location to any of your contacts, as easily as you would send a picture or a video. Here’s How to Share Location on WhatsApp.

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If you’re out to meet your friends and want to tell them where to come, or if your mom wants to know where you are, you can quickly share your location via WhatsApp. Like all WhatsApp features, this is cross-platform. You can send your location from, say, an iPhone to a BlackBerry user and they will be able to find you. The location shows up as a preview in chat, and tapping on it opens a map view. Follow these very simple steps to use this feature:


1. Open WhatsApp and start a new conversation or open any existing chat.

2. Tap the paper clip icon at the top-right > location (Google Maps icon) > tap send.


1. Open the app. Open any conversation or start a new one.

2. Tap the up arrow icon to the left of the form where you type messages > Share Location > Send Your Location.

BB 10 OS

1. Start WhatsApp, and then either start a new chat or open an existing conversation.

2. Tap the vertical dots Menu button > Send Location to send your location.

BlackBerry 7

1. Open WhatsApp on BlackBerry start a conversation or open any chat.

2. Press the BlackBerry button > Send Location.

Windows Phone

Here’s how to send your location on Windows Phone devices.

1. Start WhatsApp and open or start a chat.

2. Tap the paper clip icon > Location.

Nokia S60

If you have a Nokia S60 feature phone, try these steps to share your location:

1. Open any chat in WhatsApp. If you have a touchscreen phone, tap the paper clip icon > Location.

2. If you have a full-keyboard S60 phone, select Options > Send -Type of Media- > Share Location or Location.

Unfortunately, you cannot send your location using WhatsApp on Nokia S40 phones.

The next time you are planning to meet someone, try WhatsApp’s nifty location-sharing feature. And if you want to share your location as a one-time link, to find people in a crowded place or for meetings, check out our article on sharing how far out you are. For more useful articles, check out our How to section.


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