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How to send Files between Pc and Android

How to send Files between Pc and Android

How to send Files between Pc and Android

Those days when we required Bluetooth for transferring files between phones. Not only Bluetooth file transfer is slow, but its range too is very limited! . And when we can transfer files up to 40MB in just split seconds using Wi-Fi . And then why waste minutes for the same task ? . Below are the 3 Best Free Wi-Fi transfer apps for Android which can be used to transfer files from Android to either Android or PC over Wi-Fi without requiring Bluetooth or an Internet connection.

Xender for Android

Xender is app for WiFi file transfer , but it’s even one step ahead than ShareIt. Unlike ShareIt which is for transferring files between one sender/one receiver , Xender enables even group transfer! i.e one sender and multiple receivers . Using Xender too doesn’t require an Internet connection and is quite easy as follows –

Download, Install and open the Xender app .

After opening Xender app, tap on connect phone .

  • Now we need to create a group in order to facilitate data transfer among the group devices, so on the sender device tap on “create group“. Once your group is created shift to the other receivers.
  • Now on the receiving devices, go to “connect phone” and select “Join Group” option , now select the group created by the sender device.
  • That’s it once you have joined the group simply select apps, photos, music on any of the devices and tap on “Share” it will be shared to all devices in the group!

ShareIt by Lenovo


ShareIt Main Screen

ShareIt is another one of the many Wi-Fi transfer apps for Android, and tops the list because of its Simple and easy to use – User Interface. Using ShareIt for file transfer from android to android over Wi-Fi is quite easy . Here’s a brief tutorial on how to use ShareIt for transfer –

  • First of all Download , Install and Open the ShareIt App on both the devices . (This is the only step for which we will be requiring Internet)
  • Now, tap “Receive” on the receiver device (Make sure your Sender as well as Receiver are on the same Wi-Fi connection) . You will see a current network name on the receiver device , Connect to the same mentioned Wi-Fi network on your Sender device.
  • After you are connected to the receiver’s Wi-Fi network on Sender phone, open ShareIt app and tap on “Send”.
  • Now select the files/photos/music/apps you want to send , and tap on “Next”.
  • Now, click on the receiver’s device icon in the network radar .
  • Confirm the transfer on receiver and yo! your transfer will be done within seconds!.
  • Click here to download ShareIt for Android.
  • Click here to download ShareIt for PC




There were some contenders like feem, which were vying for the third spot, but it eventually went to Zapya, because of quality as well as due to the fact that feem had annoying ads. Using Zapya too is very easy, as follows –

  • Download Install, and open Zapya app on the Sender device.
  • Browse through the Photos, Music and Files . Simply tap on the file you want to send and click on the “Send” icon highlighted in the alongside figure.
  • Now Zapya app on sender will create a Wi-Fi group for sending the data.
  • On the receiver device’s Wi-Fi, join the Wi-Fi network created by Sender device, and open Zapya app .
  • Yo! Accept the incoming files and data on your devices with blazing speeds!
  • Click here to download Zapya ap from Google Play Store

Final Verdict : Though at first these apps may sound a bit too complex and technical to use, but believe me the data transfer speeds is really very fast, and also they don’t require any internet connectivity (You can disable Cellular or Mobile data before using these apps) . Also, if you face or encounter any problems while using any of these apps feel free to comment.


[Price: Free] AirDroid is one of the most popular ways to access your Android device from your PC.you can do things like send/receive SMS messages, see notifications, and they’re currently testing out ways to control Android and use apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc . But that feature requires root. There are also plenty of other features.you can also send files to your PC from Android and vice versa and you don’t have to connect your device to any specific network to do it. It’s a great way to put your Android device on your computer.

Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.com, etc)

[Price: Varies] Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box.com, and many other cloud storage companies let you sync your device to the cloud and also have integration with PC. Thus, you can send files to the cloud then access them in your web browser or download them to your PC for later use. Then you can upload stuff to your cloud storage from your PC and access them on your Android device. Uploads can take some time, depending on your Internet speed, but it’s a great way to not only transfer, but store files in a place where everyone can see.

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