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How to Install VLC in Ubuntu
How to Install VLC in Ubuntu

How to Install VLC in Ubuntu

How to Install VLC in Ubuntu

VLC is one of the most popular, powerful media player. VLC media player is available for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and other Operating Systems including Mac OS. Using VLC you can do media conversion and you can also play streaming videos from most of the network sources. The popular VLC media player has reached version 2.1.x with some fantastic new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. However, the official PPA for Ubuntu 13.10 and earlier is stuck at version 2.0.8.VLC is maintained by Video LAN Organization. Here we learn How to Install VLC in Ubuntu.

In this article we will install VLC media player on Ubuntu. VLC media playeris a open source project, it can play all most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD and various streaming protocol. VLC media player is absolutely free, it comes without any spyware, Ads or User Tracking code or malware. We can install VLC media player in two ways. First from Ubuntu Software center and second from command line.

Install VLC from Ubuntu Software Center.

Open Ubuntu Software center

How to Install VLC in Ubuntu


Type VLC in search box and press enter

ubuntu software center

Select VLC from list and click on install.

How to Install VLC in Ubuntu

  • Type your super user password which you create during the installation.

We have installed VLC in few easy clicks. We recommended you to use always this method as long as possible. But for some reason it fails you can use other PPA from command line.

To Install VLC in Ubuntu from command line

Open a terminal Window by (ctrl+alt+t) and run the following commands. Just copy and paste it in the terminal, Issue the password for the user when prompted.

First update your repository to install the latest version.

sudo apt-get update

after updating use the below command.

sudo apt-get install vlc