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How to Install MX Player on Amazon Fire Stick

MX Player is a multimedia player for Android devices. Like other media players, MX players play video and music files. However, unlike VLC, this app is more commonly used in the background as a support player for various third-party streaming apps.

Some of these streaming apps will not work unless your device has a live TV with a MX player live tv. Many applications need MX Player somehow, so concluded that it was a good idea to write a dedicated installation guide.

If you think MX Player will be difficult to install, you’re wrong. It is super easy. Not to mention that you can install this app on Firestick in just 2-3 minutes. That is if you follow the instructions properly.

You should know that Amazon Firestick, just like MX Player, runs on Android as well. So installing an APK file would be possible. But you need to understand that while this is an Android operating system, the installation method is a bit different.

Follow this guide to install MX Player on your Fire Stick in minutes.

Here the below the steps that will help you in installing MX player on amazons fire stick

MX Player is a third-party application and is not part of the Amazon Store. Therefore, it will load on the Fire Stick.

Method 1: Install MX Player on Fire Stick using Downloader

The first thing to do is install the downloader application (if you haven’t already done so).

Follow the steps below.

1. From the Fire Stick home screen, go to the Search> Search option

2. Search for your downloader application. When it appears in the search suggestions, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install

See guide on how to install and use your Downloader to download your app for detailed steps.

3. Next, return to the Fire Stick home screen and click MX Player Settings.

4. Click My Fire TV.

5. Click Developer Options.

6. Then click Install Unknown Application.

7. Select and launch the downloader application.

8. Now, open the downloader application. There is a URL field on the right side of the window. Click in this field.

9. This will bring up the on-screen keyboard. Go ahead and enter the URL, Press the Play / Pause key on the Fire Stick remote control or click Go on the screen.

10. Wait for the Downloader to download the mkv codec for MX player file to your Fire Stick device.

11. When the following screen is displayed, click [Install] at the bottom right.

12. MX Player will be installed. It takes about 1 minute or a little longer.

13. When you see the confirmation of the installed application, it means that MX Player is installed. You rarely use this application directly, so you don’t need to click the Open button. MX Player is primarily used as a video player for other applications.

14. You are now back in the downloader window. Team recommends that you delete the APK file after installing the application. This file is no longer needed and unnecessarily occupies space with limited FireStick storage.

15. Click Delete again to confirm your intention to delete the MX Player APK file.

Here are some tricks that will help you with how to download videos from mx player

Step 1-

Open the -MX Player application, open the online section and select the movie or web series you want to download.

Step 2-

-Download the format you want to download and click the download button.

Step 3-

Check the download tab, and when the download is complete, check the download progress here and follow the steps below.

Step 4-

Now open the file manager and follow these steps.

Step 5-

After opening the file manager, open or click on the Android folder.

Step 6

Then click on the data folder

Step: -7

After opening the data folder, click “mx video player” to open it.

Step 7-

-Open the file folder and follow these steps

Step 8-

-If you don’t see this folder on your device, click the “nomedia” folder, then open your file manager settings to see hidden files.

Step 9-

-Open this folder.

Step 10-

You should now see the selected files for this type of file and follow these steps:

Step 11-

-Rename this file to xyz.mp4 the type must “.mp4” final

Step 12-

-The downloaded video is here, so go to the location of your choice and enjoy.

Is the MX player free for Firestick?

If you have a Firestick and want to improve your viewing experience, install MX Player for old Firestick. MXPlayer is one of the most versatile video players that you can download for free from the Google Play store.

How do you use MX Player Pro on Firestick?

This method is straightforward and convenient because the user can download it directly from the store, and you don’t have to jailbreak your Firestick or do anything else.

Now, follow the steps below carefully.
·        Open the Firestick home page on your TV and click the search box.
·        A window with a virtual keyboard will open, using this MX player and pressing the Search button.
·        Click the first result displayed there, then click the Get button below the icon.
·        It will automatically start downloading and installing the application. Once the application is installed, click Open to launch MX Player.
·        The first boot will ask you to allow access to the media files, so allow it.

What is the difference between MX Player and MX Player Pro?

Is MX Player growing faster than MX Player Pro? Check out the Android market data for MX Player and MX Player Pro and compare Google Play statistics. View current Android market data and history Compare market popularity, performance, average rating, downloads, and percentage of market leaders. There is no difference. Professional players have no ads. If anything, you can get the ac3 playback Mkv codec for the MX player from xda. This will give you some more playback options or switch to VLC.

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