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How to disable press f1 to continue

How to disable press f1 to continue when booting.

Often you boot your desktop computer, it is asking about press F1 to start the system. Its asking you to Press “F1” key to continue. Here’s How to disable press f1 to continue when booting.

This is for users who often encounter the error message saying ‘Press F1 to start the system’ when their desktop computer is booted. The only reason for this is that the CMOS battery life has expired and the CMOS option is not saved in the BIOS. It is for this reason that every time the system is turned on, it is being reset to zero. In such a situation, it is required to change the CMOS battery of the motherboard. It is also required to select the option of ‘Load BIOS Defaults’ in the BIOS. 

Usually you have to press F1 for every reboot when the time/date on your computer is not correct. When you restart your computer go into BIOS and set the right time and date.  Also, when you start seeing this is because the CMOS battery on your motherboard might need to be replaced.  Also make sure that the cable connection from your motherboard to your hardware are connected right.

Which should be checked or need to adjust the settings in BIOS. It also an indication to replace the CMOS battery. 

Try this

  1. Go to your BIOS and load default settings. Also check the date and time in BIOS. 
    If you don’t have a floppy drive then Disable the Floppy Mode option in BIOS. 
    Look for the option “Halt On” and set it to “No Error”. 
    Press F10 to Save the settings and exit from BIOS. 
    If the problem still exits, change the CMOS battery – Go to BIOS and load
    default settings.
  2. Make sure to disable the floppy mode if you don’t have a floppy drive – Set the first boot device as “HDD” and save the settings and  exit from BIOS. 
  3. If the problem exists then replace the CMOS battery on the mother board.

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