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How to Block Website in Google Chrome

How to Block Website in Google Chrome

How to Block Website in Google Chrome

If you are using Chrome and want to block website in Google Chrome, here are some best ways to you can do so. Although you may not be able to block websites in Chrome permanently, you can definitely use these methods when you need parental control over your browser.

Sometimes, we need to block certain website before handing over the PC to our kids. Or, let’s assume that you want to block some addictive sites such as YouTube or Facebook, etc. From opening in your browser. In that case, you can use these techniques to get things done.

Block Website in Google Chrome using extensions

1] Block Site: Website Blocker for Chrome

How to Block Website in Google Chrome

This is a Chrome extension that lets you block a certain website in Google Chrome within moments. You just need to add the site to the list in order to block it. Apart from that, you can directly block all adult sites those are having 18+ content. The best part is you can enable password that will block the uninstallation of this extension. However, that doesn’t come at free of cost. Instead, you need to purchase the premium account. Download extension

2] StayFocusd

How to Block Website in Google Chrome

This is another great and very useful extension to block websites in Google Chrome. You can block websites either partially or completely. For instance, you can allow particular website for a particular amount of time. On the other hand, you can prevent everyone from opening a site completely. This is also possible to block or allow particular site on particular weekday/s or hour/s. To block a site, you just need to head over to the particular page and enter the site name. Following that, you won’t be able to open that anymore. Download extension

3] Web Blocker Plus

How to Block Website in Google Chrome

This is another very easy to use Chrome extension to block websites within moments. Like StayFocusd, you can allow a particular site for a specific amount of time or block it completely. After installing this extension, you can find an icon in the corresponding location. To block the site, open it, and click on that. You should find three options as follows-

  • Block the site entirely
  • Allow me to go to the site after rewriting really hard text
  • Just let me know in the desktop notification

Select the first option and hit the Close button. If you want to allow a particular site for a particular amount of time, head over to WEBSITES tab, enter the site URL and time. Download extension

Block website in Chrome using supervised account

If you use profile option in Google Chrome, you can also block sites in Chrome using the same. For that, make sure you are logged into Google Chrome with Gmail account. Therefore, enter this in the URL bar: chrome://settings/

You should find an option called Manage other people. Following that, you need to click on ADD PERSON button in the popup window.

How to Block Website in Google Chrome

While adding the person, you need to select the option that says Supervise this person to control and view the websites they visit from your Google Account.

After that open this page: www.chrome.com/manage and select the user account that you want to manage. Here you should find an option called Permissions that you need to click. After that, click on Manage button. Here you should get an option to block a particular site.

After adding all the sites that you want to block, you need to sign into the supervised account.

That’s all!

Hope these simple tricks would be helpful for you.


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