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How to Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

How to Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

How to Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 and you use Wi-Fi a lot, here is a security tip that will let you save your Wi-Fi network or router from other people. Nowadays, this is not that difficult to destroy Wi-Fi security. To get rid of that problem partially, you can hide your Wi-Fi network. If you have created a Wi-Fi network, and you want to connect to hidden WiFi network in Windows 10, here is how to do that.

What is hidden Wi-Fi network?

As the name defines, a hidden network is hidden, by default. When you search for available Wi-Fi networks on a mobile or PC, you get those names, what are set to “Visible”. As the hidden Wi-Fi network doesn’t broadcast the name, you cannot find that network name in the search list.

If a network is visible, you do not need to enter the SSID or network name. However, if a Wi-Fi network is hidden, you need to enter the SSID manually along with the security type and password.

There are two different ways to connect to hidden Wi-Fi network in Windows 10 and both of them are mentioned below.

How to Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

Method #1 – using the Windows Settings

Generally, people are not familiar with this method since it is quite different from usual. However, it works without any issue. To get started, open Windows Settings pane by pressing Win + I button. Alternatively, you can click on Start Menu and then, click the settings gear button as well. On the other hand, you can search for Windows Settings in Cortana search box or Taskbar search box.

After opening that, navigate to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. On your right-hand side, you should find an option called Manage known networks. You need to click that.

Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

In the next page, you should click on Add a new network button.

Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

Then, enter the network name or SSID, choose security type (Open, WPA2-Personal AES, or anything), enter the password if it is not open, and make a tick in the checkbox that says Connect automatically.

Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

At last, click the Save button. Right after that, your PC will be connected to the WiFi network within moments.

Method #2 – from system tray

This method is easier than the first one since you do not need to open any Windows Settings panel or so.

If your Windows 10 machine supports Wi-Fi, you should find a Wi-Fi logo in the System Tray. It appears as a replacement of “Network” icon.

Therefore, click on this icon. You should find a Wi-Fi network name called Hidden Network. Make sure the Connect automatically option is checked before clicking the Connect button.

connect even if the network is not broadcasting

After that, you need to enter the network name and the password to connect to that hidden Wi-Fi network.

This second method is not that popular because many people claimed that they did not get the “Hidden Network” option in the system tray menu. If you are getting, you can connect to that Wi-Fi network right from there. Otherwise, you can follow the first option.


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